The Mencode Ebook

Masculinity is a gift and should not be so complicated. 

You can rise above limiting masculine stereotypes and be in charge of your life and happiness staff specialists. That is the secret that only 1% of men know. I cracked that secret code and split it into 12 to give you back your super powers. Your power of will, choice, ability to say NO, and live above lame expectations is empowering.

Written by Jenny Chisom 

About the Book 

This book, MEN CODE- 12 Empowering Affirmations for Living Without Regrets is  a lifeline for men, especially Africans who are everyday faced with such abnormal norms that seem difficult to break lose from, in order to live fulfilled happy lives. Jenny dissects and presents a fail-proof value-based approach to conditioning the behaviour of any man who yearns to be an upgrade of the average.

How To Benefit Most From THE MENCODE

1. Read each of the 12 codes aloud to your hearing everyday
2.  Read it fast so your mind would believe it with time
3.  Look into the mirror as you mouth them
4. Believe in the new you that MENCODE brings to your awareness
5.  Walk and work everyday with the consciousness of the sayings
6.  See a new you emerge



This book will help you if any of the questions below describes you now: 

Are you stuck with disempowering thoughts about your masculinity?
Do you think other men are more successful than you?
Are you afraid of getting married for any reason?
Are you stuck in any negative habit and want to quit?
Do you feel powerless with your choices and want to be in charge?
Do you feel misunderstood?
Are you depressed and seek answers?
Are you finding it difficult to love your wife and get her to understand you?
Do you feel you are giving and giving with no one interested in giving you?
Do you feel like giving up many times?

The MENCODE book is a soul capsule that will empower you quote by quote, case story after case story until it liberates you to live out loud.


About the Author

Nigerian born blogger, and male empowerment advocate, Jenny Chisom Opara believes in the power of the male and attributes it to the pillar upon which all else thrives. She is passionately building a global community of male role models for sustainable families in Africa, through her online men community. Her passion got her to be part of the research champions and ambassadors for the DFID funded landmark research “Being a Man in Nigeria” through the Voices 4 Change organisation in Nigeria between 2014-2017. As a  blogger, Jenny deploys the power of her online influence to host live events for men and speaks extensively about men empowerment and boys development to women, men and couple groups. She currently lives in Abuja- Nigeria from where she tours the world.



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