Men Code Ebook

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This book gift is an experience for Men and Boys, and a compass for living. The singular codes were first made public in July 2017, edited in February 2018 and is now ready as an expansive thought on the 12 codes. It unpacks the 12 affirmations that can guide men who desire extraordinary results. It comes with case studies and even an Audio book content to listen on the go. This is a daily experience kind of book, and is downloadable on any device.



Masculinity is a gift and should not be so complicated. 

You can rise above limiting masculine stereotypes and be in charge of your life and happiness. That is the secret that only 1% of men know. I cracked that secret code and split it into 12 to give you back your super powers. Your power of will, choice, ability to say NO, and live above lame expectations is empowering.



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